Sustainable exclamation mark ...

Sustainability as a recognised model of social responsibility has long established itself worldwide and is increasingly becoming the basis for entrepreneurial action. We too are guided by the defined objectives in our operational business activities.

At the conclusion of a comprehensive certification process in the Professional Association of Trade Fair and Exhibition Construction (Fachverband Messe- und Ausstellungsbau FAMAB) we received the distinction of “Sustainable Company” in 2017, which was successfully confirmed 2 years later.

... with a Sustainable Company certificate ...

The certificate in this form is especially directed to companies in the exhibition construction industry and certifies sustainable actions far beyond mere conservation of resources. The social responsibility in relation to customers, business partners, suppliers and employees is also critically scrutinised and positively acknowledged in the assessment.
The certification itself was not so much the objective as the logical result of our company development. Even early on, the groundwork was laid to move away from the material waste and throwaway mentality still practised today in the trade fair business. Already 45 years ago our customers planned in cycles and therefore they invested in long-term quality.

... and ISIDesign system

This principle was seamlessly pursued in exhibition stand construction with the development of our in-house ISIDESIGN system. The patented, extremely powerful and variable construction system with its own aesthetic revolutionised exhibition construction and proves the special value orientation of this innovation. From one and the same modular components completely new creations can be made again and again, which cover practically all construction requirements.
The leftover material cut out in our workshops in order to reduce the weight during production of the framework is completely returned to the reusable material cycle. In addition, the longevity of the components significantly reduces the material requirements.

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