Sustainability in practice

Being a recognized general principle for social responsibility, sustainability established worldwide long ago and is going to be the basement for the corporate policy. Also we orientate the operational economic activities to the defined aims for many years. To complete an extensive certifying process of the professional association for exhibition construction named FAMAB, we received the labelling “Sustainable Company” in 2017, which was successfully extended this year.

Sustainable company certification

The certification in this form is specially addressed to companies of the exhibition construction branch and confirms sustainable behaviour far beyond the sheer preservation of resources. Also the social responsibility in the ratio of customers, business partners, suppliers and employees were critically questioned during the rating and positively appreciated.

The certification was less our aim than a logical consequence of our company development. Early we set the course away from todays still practiced material waste and throw-away mentality in exhibition construction, because even 40 years ago our customers – mostly typical for their branches, like mobile promotion usage in the beverage industry - were planning in circles of ten years and demanded long-term quality.

ISIDesign exhibition system

This principle was continued seamlessly with the development of our own ISIDESIGN-system in our exhibition construction company. The already patent-registered, efficient and variable construction system with its own aesthetics was revolutionizing the exhibition construction and shows the special value orientation of this innovation. Made of the same modular bricks you always can form totally new creations which cover the whole constructional requirements.

During the production of our complete framework in our own workshops result from minimizing the weight huge amounts of residual material which are immediately led back into the recovered substance cycle. There is zero loss and the longevity of the components minimizes the material requirements for years.

This is why we choose that construction type for our long-term designed booth concepts. We are registering that our sensitive customers love to go that resource-friendly and economically way together with us. We are going to stay motivated and thrill sustainably.