Exhibition construction by ISINGERMERZ

We live and develop exhibition construction for the market success of our demanding clients. For more than 45 years we have set creative trends, continuously produced successful product innovations and are also the ideal full-service partner through our combination of technology, craft and service under one roof.
This flourishing and established ISINGERMERZ PRINCIPLE thrives on the active participation of our valued customers. Get to know us. You will meet people who will listen to you.

The ISINGERMERZ principle


The ISINGERMERZ principle in exhibition construction + event construction

We create your story out of your ideas!

Jascha Rossbach, Sales  

Always searching for good questions!

Sabine Hammer, consulting + creative direction  

There is always THE best solution.

Christian Lehmann, project management  

The guaranteed path from the idea to the object.

Agnes Kwosek, work preparation  

Passion for material,
a feel for timing!

Kay Beiersdörfer, construction manager  

Every workday is the same:

Sina Isinger, advertising management  

Exhibition construction + event construction

Goal-oriented and based on partnership for your appearance

Founded in
from over 20 professions
production and storage area
exhibition stands built
Certified as a sustainable company

What our customers say

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail. We very much appreciate that sense of quality from our vendors!"

emarsys eMarketing Systems AG

"We can always rely on the Isinger Merz team to deliver 100 % which makes the whole event much easier for us."

Accolade Wines

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