Reference: exhibition construction / event construction

“The booth was really great and everyone liked it very much. Once again, a big thank you to the entire team of ISINGERMERZ for the planning and great implementation.“

Customer Henkell Freixenet

“The booth was a real success. Lots of positive feedback and everything working fine so far. Thanks again for the great work done there!!“

Customer Maersk Deutschland A/S & Co. KG

VDMA Woodworking machinery

VDMA Woodworking machinery

Ligna 2023, Hannover

540 sqm


Körber Technologies GmbH, Italy

International exhibition construction

TabExpo, Bologna (Italy)

108 sqm


Maersk 2023


Transport Logistic 2023 in Munich

300 sqm block stand


VDMA Interpack 2023


Interpack, dusseldorf

350 sqm block stand with double floor


Sopro at the BAU trade fair

With a clearly flat and open design of the 460 sqm stand area, we specifically supported transparency and orientation right into the catering zone with 170 seats at the rear, which was arranged at ground level for the first time. The principle of product focus instead of wall height met with a very positive response, especially since the door portal and red ceiling band effortlessly conveyed the long-distance effect.



We are sustainable by conviction.

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HanseMerkur Insurance Group at the ITB in Berlin

At the ITB in Berlin, the entire diversity of travel is presented. HanseMerkur, the partner for worldwide travel insurance, was once again present at the international tourism fair with a 104 square meter stand. In typical Hanseatic city style, the stand was designed with stylistic elements of bridges, cranes and ships.

“A partner at eye level, whom we can trust and who perfectly understands and implements our demand for detail!“

Customer Agentur Voss+Fischer

Axa DKM 2019

AXA Group AG

DKM, Dortmund

308 sqm, two storey


Eckelmann SPS, Nuremberg


SPS, Nuremberg

78 sqm


IZ Immobilien Zeitung expo real

IZ Immobilien Zeitung, expo real, Munich

88 sqm


Remington & Russel Hobbs, IFA, Berlin, 2019

IFA Berlin

339 sqm


Abbott, DDG Frühjahrstagung, Berlin, 2019

DDG Spring conference, Berlin

100 sqm


OHARA GmbH, Laser, Munich, 2017

Laser - World of Photonics, Munich

48 sqm

“A very big thank you to your outstanding team, who worked very professionally. We look back with pleasure on the human interaction, the understanding and the creativity that made the high-quality, well thought-out trade fair stand possible in the first place.“

Customer Mond-Star Pastirma

VDMA, Drinktec, Munich, 2017

Drinktec, Munich

250 sqm


Stuttgarter Versicherung, DKM, Dortmund, 2017

DKM, Dortmund

70 sqm, two-storey


Hanse Merkur, DKM, Dortmund, 2018

DKM, Dortmund

144 sqm

“Teamwork is taken literally with you and service is provided in every respect. That is incredibly valuable and makes it fun.“

Customer Bühler AG

Sopro Bauchemie, Bau, Munich, 2018

Bau, Munich

454 sqm, two-storey


Waldrichsiegen, Emo, Hannover, 2018

EMO, Hannover

150 sqm


HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH, Achema, Frankfurt, 2018

Achema, Frankfurt

153 sqm


Accolade Wines, Prowein, Dusseldorf, 2015

ProWein, Dusseldorf

180 sqm

“We can always rely on the Isinger Merz team to deliver 100 % which makes the whole event much easier for us.“

Customer Accolade Wines

HAUNI Maschinenbau GmbH, World of Tobacco, Dubai, 2019

World of Tobacco, Dubai

54 sqm


Werner & Mertz GmbH, PLMA, Amsterdam, 2019

PLMA, Amsterdam

54 sqm


Kampmann Gmbh, ISH, Frankfurt, 2019

ISH, Frankfurt

800 sqm


Deutsche Bank AG, Financel Symposium, Mannheim, 2019

Financel Symposium, Mannheim

28 sqm


emarsys, dmexco, Cologne, 2018

Dmexco, Cologne

123 sqm

“Thank you so much for your attention to detail. We very much appreciate that sense of quality from our vendors!“

Customer emarsys eMarketing Systems AG

BNP Paribas S.A., Financial symposium, Mannheim, 2019

Financel Symposium, Mannheim

28 sqm


Henkell Freixenet, ProWein, Dusseldorf, 2019

ProWein, Dusseldorf

321 sqm


Freudenberg Performance Materials, Techtextil, Frankfurt, 2019

Techtextil, Frankfurt

110 sqm


Voss + Fischer, Palmberg, Orgatech, Cologne, 2018

Orgatech, Cologne

1230 sqm

“We were very satisfied with the cooperation and together we hit the nerve of the time to stand out from our competitors in the trade fair monotony. I hope we will have many more opportunities to work together in the future.“

Customer Landesk

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