The comprehensive and also focused range of our services for exhibition stand design and exhibition stand construction is the result of our history and a promise to our customers. We offer a lot and seek a lot: active exchange, engaged participation, and personal trust.

We flexibly support your individual path to market success. Ideas, design and implementation from the same source? We can do that. Are you already working with a creative agency or are you only looking for a tried and tested construction partner for your dream? Then get in touch with us in either case. Select the building blocks which are right for you and we will begin where you need us.


What story would you like to tell?

A sound briefing provides the basis for a successful exhibition presence. Do you love highlights, would you like sustainability, or are you continuously expanding? We cannot create your goals. But we can actively guide you there. Describe your perspectives to us; we will give your topics shape. Visually, technically, economically. Step by step. As your consulting partner we believe in working together and can perhaps surprise you with some completely new insights.


Nothing off the peg

Successful design always looks at the object, function and user holistically. Every request is new and demands a modified solution. This means our joint meetings, where creative minds and engineers develop exhibition stands, displays and functional furniture surrounded by sketches, material samples, detail drawings and functional models, can often be long and intensive. Be there live and actively accompany the development process. And, if you wish, for a change, to not reinvent the wheel: We also have proven standards with registered patents and registered designs.

Project management

Results through structure

Professional management is the necessary guarantee of success for every project and the project manager is the face, anchor and driving force of the entire process. He is your communications partner in charge from A to Z and ensures a structured workflow at all levels. Supported by the large established back office, he is the planner, organiser and facilitator in the internal work processes; at the same time he represents your interests vis-a-vis the exhibition companies and external trades and suppliers.


For looking and touching

When your individual product takes shape in our spacious production sites, looking and touching is always welcome. With comprehensive machinery and the multidisciplinary skills of our team of carpenters, electricians, metalworkers, painters, logistics experts, advertising technicians, decorators, interior designers and design engineers, we are able to manufacture everything ourselves under one roof. This encourages communication and knowledge transfer which flow immediately back into the development process. All productions are documented and stored digitally and can therefore continue to be reproduced in identical form many years in the future.


The final step

In addition to your project manager, you will also generally get to know your construction manager early on during the course of the project because we traditionally promote strong project engagement and identification among our colleagues. The construction manager directs the production steps and forms efficient teams with steady and local partners for the assembly. These reliable units guarantee the best quality and precise timing for appearances of every size and at every exhibition centre, nationally and internationally, supported by optimised logistical processes. All they have to do is take over.

What story would you like to tell?

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