On 3500 sqm of production area with a machine shop and workshops for wood, metal, paint, electrics, media and graphics, ideas turn into products. The extensive vertical integration makes us flexible and enables us to also professionally handle special requests on short notice. Our qualified professional teams guarantee the best hand-crafted quality – on time.

Carpenter’s workshop

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Our craftsmen are experts, master all material qualities and trends and are strong team players. Based on this great potential we manufacture almost entirely in-house. The typical stand constructor often has a diverse range of qualifications so that an interdisciplinary exchange is constantly taking place between the professional workshops.


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Exhibition stand construction depends on area and volume. Large-size wall and bottom panels therefore go through the saws one after another. The practical equipment of the giant final trimming saw can only be operated by a machinist. Generally every board must first pass through here on its way to further finishing.


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With their speeds and precision, three powerful CNC milling machines are the indispensable aids in modern production processes and a prerequisite for economical operations. Digitally linked with the production planning, they deliver complex pieces and guarantee identical reproducibility.

Metalworking shop

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Metal construction and welding are the source of our work because it is there that the material stock of our ISIDESIGN measuring system is constantly expanded in in-house production. However, in addition to self-sufficiency, this workshop will also readily become creative and enhance exhibition stands with exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Electrical workshop

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It is not just the potential for consistent illumination, instead it is every form of media expertise which embodies the well organised electrical workshop. It is the technical back office for all construction sites, simultaneously a pioneer in the development of special functional solutions and not least a readily sought-after adviser for innovation and highlighting.

Paint shop

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In the paint shop, the components will receive your finish in corporate colours or the required long-term protection. In close collaboration with project management and the client, even complicated colour formulations are developed and fine-tuned in order to produce individual colour worlds.


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All productions and services concerning printing, signage and mobile presentation are bundled together here. The urgent and changing requirements in the world of colours and shapes demand speed and precision, experience and curiosity. Our colleagues also have many years of tried and tested experience and enjoy their work in all matters of graphic layout and data preparation.

Warehousing + Logistics

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7000 square metres of storage space for rental equipment and customer booths directly along the A66 with a practical workshop connection are the stationary base of our mobile business. The central location allows us to do business nationally and internationally with flexible timing and cost-effectively. This way we guarantee optimal packaging appropriate for the material and, of course, adherence to delivery dates.

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