Exhibition construction in Essen...

...is currently a challenging assignment for you? Do guidelines and deadlines concern you and do you wish you had an experienced guide to help you through the organisational jungle? As one of the leading exhibition construction service providers, ISINGERMERZ also has a strong presence at the exhibition centre in Essen.

Tall, eye-catching stands are promotionally effective and underscore your market position. But you have to fight for it. Do you have wind load verification? Flame retardancy certificates? Written neighbour permit? It is essential to operate according to the local Essen regulations in the design and practical implementation of exhibition structures, and the channels of communication must be used professionally. ISINGERMERZ has been at home in the exhibition construction industry extensively for decades and is highly experienced in all disciplines.



The ISINGERMERZ principle in exhibition construction

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Our success stories at trade fairs in Essen

As part of the booming exhibition business, even the relatively small Essen trade fair is now moving towards more attractive hall capacities on the Gruga grounds. We are exploring the options in the renovation phase and the later result on an ongoing basis and are always up to date for outstanding events such as SHK and E-World, even during the transition phase.