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Graphical Department

We concentrate all the production and services to do with printing, lettering and mobile presentations in our Technical Department. From digital and material resources, we create proven standards, exquisite innovations and everything in between. The range of services complements all the company’s other production arms.

The urgent and ever-changing requirements in the world of colours and shapes demand speed and precision, experience and curiosity.

Challenge our staff with any question about layouts, data preparation and production. They all have years of proven practical experience and enjoy their jobs. You can depend on their advice.

Reference overview

3 insights into daily events

Is that OUR RED?

Yes, but in the wrong light! If your high-end quality print in Pantone 186 in Berlin looks different in Barcelona, then this is due to the laws of physics relating to the quality of light and colour perception.

Ask us; we will advise you how it works. You can be certain: your corporate design is in good hands with us.

Fabric is not board

Inconceivable, priceless: in the mid-nineties, we were unrivalled when it came to erecting an almost 30-metre high site hoarding to enclose a new building project; 650 square metres of plywood, all hand painted.

Today, this is done quite differently. Fabric is not board, but it requires just as much expertise. So really, things have not changed very much in that respect over the last twenty years.

CS6 or CC?

Done in milliseconds on the server and yet sometimes brought to a standstill if the software version does not match the file type. Our staff are practitioners and data experts; they will manage to do it nevertheless.

We future-proof our systems and are now using cloud technology.

Print & lettering

Print & lettering

Digital large-format prints produced on paper, special foils, fabrics and as slides, frame systems, foil lettering...

Signs & outdoor advertisements

Signs & outdoor advertisements

Complete advertisement boards and posts, practice signs, building site signs, illuminated advertisements...

Mobile presentations

Mobile presentations

Banner displays, roll-ups, pop-ups, folding partition, lightweight counters and display cases...

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