International exhibition construction

Even if you do business transnationally and your next exhibition booth is to be in Shanghai, Moscow, or Johannesburg, you have come to the right place. The flexible performance modules of the ISINGERMERZ principle pave the way for you from the initial idea to the strong finale.
International appearances require particular expertise which we will substantially expand in the future with a globally experienced team. In doing so, we will bring German exhibitors to the world and simultaneously open up the German and European trade fair industry to interested foreign parties.

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Exhibition centres such as Paris, Barcelona, Milan, and especially Mumbai, Las Vegas, or Dubai have their entirely particular laws and cultural peculiarities. With the right partner, they nonetheless become an easy point of sale. For this reason we will carefully plan and manage the entire project from Germany in close contact with the exhibitor, however we will minimise the costs significantly for the on-site production and assembly with reliable partner companies. Expensive and high-risk transportation processes are therefore limited solely to exhibits.

It is of course convenient for you to communicate with us in German, to operate based on German legal standards with German jurisdiction and to render accounts in Euro. In the development and projecting phase we are “hands on” and will translate your requests and decisions directly for the faraway construction site. Implementation at the customary best level of quality for the location will be ensured by our construction management at the exhibition site at all times.

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