Individualised exhibition construction

Every story and every goal is different. If you pit yourself against the competition, it is best to focus on being authentic and unique. As your full-service partner we principally provide inspiration, form and content for an impressive presentation.


Individualised exhibition design

Your goals, please

Do you want to make a splash? An exhibition stand for a hundred uses per year? One that you can use for ten years? Or one that will make your brand perfectly identifiable on 30 or 3,000 square metres? Using the logic of system construction and the charm of conventional finishing, we will create an appropriate structure for you.

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Modular exhibition construction

The ISIDesign exhibition system

Practical, scalable and certified sustainable: The patented modular system ISIDesign, developed by Bernd Isinger, is an all rounder for all forms and dimensions of temporary presentation. The modular exhibition construction system revolutionises static and structural options and optimises assembly processes. Its variability and the chic customisable finish have made it the perfect base for our creative building solutions.


Two-storey exhibition construction

Your path to the top

Are things getting cramped at the bottom? Treat yourself to a second level and lounge high above your competitors! With flexible design, specific transportation/assembly advantages and a favourable cost structure, we have a superior supporting structure to rise to new heights. And to ensure uniform architecture, everything can be stylistically combined with the ISIDesign system.

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