Exhibition construction in Nuremberg ...

...means participating in an exciting quantitative and qualitative development process of previously regional to international size. The possibilities in stand construction are expanding and ISINGERMERZ, as a strong service provider for stand design and production, uses these opportunities at the Nuremberg exhibition centre for its clients.

Height restrictions, limited assembly times, partly limited access to supply channels are criteria to which stand construction must be professionally adapted in Nuremberg. The dimensioning of the structures, the sleek design of assembly processes, the sensitive execution of the perception of the stand must be worked out with careful consideration. As an exhibitor, choose our know-how of the local situation if you want to conveniently achieve a great exhibition appearance.



The ISINGERMERZ principle in exhibition construction

Our success stories at trade fairs in Nuremberg

The angled exhibition stands of the past decades are an obsolete model for the expanding Nuremberg trade fair. Hall renovations and new constructions are gradually improving the design and constructive usability for the SPS, GaLaBau, embedded world, Fensterbau, but also Biofach, Fachpack, BrauBeviale or Chillventa. In this way ISINGERMERZ will continue to make great things possible for you in Nuremberg as well.





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