The ISINGERMERZ principle

In a configuration seldom found today, we combine creativity and engineering, craftsmanship and services in the truest sense of a full service under one roof. Building on the experience of four decades, carried forward and lived by every individual employee. Our valued customers closely connect with this principle; indeed, some have done so for many years, which is a great source of pride to us.

Wishes and abilities

We would very much wish to have you as a partner for a successful long-term business relationship. Place your trust in us and we will provide you with constructive, objective-oriented and reliable help and advice on your projects. You would like design and implementation from the same source? We can do that. You already have a creative agency? Then come to us all the same. Many roads lead to success. We can start at the point where you need us. A meeting, an open discussion and if you think us suitable, we can work together to reach your objectives. You will meet people who will listen to you.


Full service for your project

A sound brief provides the basis for a successful exhibition presence. Because we cannot second guess your objectives, we would like to start our discussions with you from the beginning. You love highlights, would like sustainability or are continuously expanding?

Describe your perspectives to us, we will work on the solution. Visual, technical, economic. Step by step. If you tell us your plans and reveal your products, we can be your enthusiastic partner, always at your service with advice. We believe in working together and perhaps will be able to surprise you with some completely new insights.



Concepts down to the last detail

Much more than just pulling things into shape, design is a comprehensive creative process that considers the object, function and user. Whether a display, furniture, exhibition stand or shop fixture: our committed “creatives” work hand in hand with experienced engineers on your ambitious plans and make concepts out of ideas.

Everything off the peg? We believe that every request is new and demands a modified solution. This means our joint meetings at which we develop themes together with you, surrounded by sketches, material samples, detail drawings and functional models, can often be long and intensive.

We expressly invite you to take a direct and continuously active part in this process. If you wish on some rare occasion to not reinvent the wheel: we also have standards with registered patents and registered designs.



Craftsmanship meets high-tech

You can expect to see and touch craftsmanship in our extensive production workshops. Play your part as your individual product takes shape. Our craftsmen are personally delighted to see your interest.

Thanks to our modern machine park and the diverse multidisciplinary skills of our team of carpenters, electricians, metalworkers, painters, logistics experts, advertising technicians, decorators, interior designers and design engineers, we are able to manufacture everything ourselves under the one roof. This requires communication and knowledge transfers, which flow immediately back into the development process.

All products are documented, stored digitally on computer and can therefore be reproduced in identical form many years in the future. No light without shadows: many extensive exhibition productions and furniture series from the last two decades have proved so visually and technically long-lived that the customers do not want to be parted from them.



Installation and transportation

A project manager is traditionally your dedicated contact person. But don’t be surprised when “your” production craftsman is also at your service for the exhibition construction, because we always like to encourage our staff to take ownership of and identify themselves with their projects.

The construction manager comes from our staff and forms highly capable extended teams with long-term central and local partners, depending on the scope of the project. These experienced and reliable units ensure optimum quality and precise timing at events of whatever size.

Seven semi-trailers to Munich or three roll-ups to Berlin: A normal day. And we look after your informational material and give-aways too.